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Please click on my account, the large button that says edit my profile and input your start date.  

Once you complete the course your certificate will have that date.  Immediately after completing the course please generate your certificate.  Sometimes a person does not do this and takes a compt exam, thinking the cert has the correct date.  If the person forgot to click mark complete the system will not record the course end date.  If this happens your 40-hour course might have a later date then your compt exam and the BACB will not accept it.  We cannot alter certificates if this happens.  So you would have to retake your compt exam.  

If you go back in the course to take the final quiz again for practice your certificate will regenerate with the last date you took the final exam.  This may be after your compt exam and will not be accepted by the BACB.  If you want to use the final exam as a practice please download your certificate when you complete the course and save it in a safe place, then go back into the course and use the quizzes and final as practice.

Please note that this course becomes available over 5 days.  This is to fulfill a BACB rule that the course cannot be completed in less than 5 days.  This is a schedule of the sections and the day they will become available.  If you were to open the course and wait five day the entire course would be available. You do not have to complete a section for the the next section to open up, it is based on days not completion.  

  • Day 1: Introduction, Measurement
  • Day 2: Assessment
  • Day 3: Skills
  • Day 4: Behavior Reduction, Documenting & Reports
  • Day 5: RBT Ethics Code, Professional Conduct.

The course is set to Central Standard Time Zone.  If you are not in the Central Standard Time Zone it will not match your time.  The best way to figure out when the next section is opening up is to google the time the course content says it will open up in your time zone.  If your course says Available on: July 21, 2019 9:58 am and you live in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, you would google What time is 9:58 am CST in EST.  Your course will open up at that time.  

You have 180 days to complete this course.  



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