Group Purchase Information


$ 160
  • 5 courses
  • $32.00 Each


$ 300
  • 10 Courses
  • $30.00 each

Frequently Asked Questions for Packages

What is a Group Leader?

The group leader role allows you to give an individual course subscription to a person.  It also allows you to monitor your group members progress in the course.

Do  I need to do any type of training for participants to get their certificate?

No. This program covers the training requirement for the RBT certification.  We provided monitoring and an outline so that agencies can match their company training to our program.  This is not required.  It is an option you can use.  If a person only completes our online training with no extra training they will have fulfilled the 40 hour training requirement.

How do I add people to my group account?

It is very simple and we provide directions provided below.  You can send the individual an email to create an account, or if they already have an account you can immediately add a course subscription to their account.

What if someone quits my company in the middle the of a course?

Unfortunately, we do not offer subscription “refunds” (giving you a course subscription back) if the individual accessed the course content.  So please assign them cautiously. If the individual did not access the course content we are able to give the subscription back to you.

How should I use the monitoring?

You will be able to view where the person is in the course.  For example, you can look at our outline and tell the participant to complete the measurement section.  If your company trains new RBTs on data collection sheets you can have the individual complete your company training with your company’s specific data sheets immediately afterwards.  Again there is no requirement that you do any training at all for the individual to meet the the 40 hour training requirement of the RBT certification.  We created it so you could have this option

Group Leader Resources

Course Outline

Use this course outline to modify your training to match our online course

Group Leader Directions

Directions to add and monitor students.

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