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We are proud to now offer remote competency exams.   You can complete the competency exam through assignments and uploading videos of you practicing skills.  Please review the BACB form and review our Competency Exam Agreement prior to purchasing. If you need to complete a renewal click here

You will need access to the following things to complete the competency exam:

  • Computer with internet connect
  • Printer and scanner (you can download a scanner apps to your mobile phone)
  • A device that can record video (a smart phone would be sufficient)
  • Access to a client (this can be any individual you are servicing even as a tutor)
  • Access to friend or family for roleplaying
  • A device that can be used to video conference.

Once you have completed the competency exam and passed your RBT Exam we can offer 15 days of supervision.

Our BCBA needs 2 things to affirm your application to take the RBT Exam and become your supervisor for 15 days

  1. A copy of an official form of ID proving you are 18
    • Before beginning the competency exam you will be asked to send a picture of an official ID (DL or passport) to
  2. A Criminal Background Check 
    • You will need to order your own background check.  If you are living in the USA please use (directions below).  If you are living outside the USA you must provide a background check or police record from your country of record.  You will be asked to email this to
    • This background check cannot be older than 6 months.
    • The Background check cannot have any criminal charges on it.

Directions for

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Get my Background Check
  3. Choose Basic Search for $29.99
  4.  Go through the step to pay and put in the required information
  5. Email your background check to


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